After working together for the last seven months, we are joining forces with Covid Act Now (CAN). Our team will now have considerably more resources and support, and we’re excited to expand our reach as we continue to provide you with critical COVID data.

What does this mean for you?

  • The current Covid County Data (CCD) API will remain available, but any new datasets or expanded data coverage will be integrated solely into the CAN API.
  • (Update on March 4, 2021) API key registration is now required to access our data.

Access free, up-to-date, county-level COVID data to inform local policies

Our mission is to provide researchers and policy advisors the data they need to answer key questions about COVID-19 and its impact on economic and social policies.

Our data is updated continuously. You can download the data as a csv or use one of our API interfaces.

If you’ve previously registered for an API key, you can use the form above to retrieve it.

How can we help?

If you are a researcher or policy maker, we’re interested in how we can help you find and aggregate relevant data. Please let us know what else you’re looking for!